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"This disc does double duty, in that it offers an eminently rewarding musical experience and introduces one of the premier Schubert interpreters of our time. Indispensable." John Bell Young in the American Record Guide on Schubert's Unfinished Sonatas Album with Bart Berman's completions

"The remarkably pure correlation between Berman's great scale of touch shades, his thoughtful phrasing and his continuously palpable search for soberness emerge successfully..." Disk on the Dutch Comtemporaries Album

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Unfininished Sonatas

Franz Schubert: (Un)finished Piano Sonatas
Bart Berman, piano

Sonata in C major D 279 (1815), with completions (1981) [18:45]
Sonata in F sharp minor D 571 (1817) , with completions (1984) [16:31]
Sonata in C major D 613 (1818), with completions (1987) [14:54]
Sonata in F minor D 625 (1818), with completions (1990) [17:27]
Sonata in C Major (“Reliquie”), D 840 (1825), with completions (1978) [30:53]

Double CD (1997): Erasmus [WVH 203-204], Netherlands
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Vriend, Hekster, Loevendie, De Vries and Kleinbussink
Bart Berman, piano

Jan Vriend – Variations (1961) [5:00]
Walter Hekster - Piano Sonata(1966) [8:03]
Theo Loevendie - Two Easy Pieces (19??) [4:00]
Klaas de Vries - Toccata Americana/Echo (19??) [5:30]
Jan Kleinbussink - Five Contrasts (19??) [20:24]

Record (1978): Golf [1], Netherlands
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Schubert: Music for Piano Four Hands
Duo Beer Sheva: Sara Fuxon and Bart Berman

Rondo in A major opus 107, D 951 (1828) [10:13]
Variations on an Original Theme in A flat major opus 35, D 813 (1824) [16:44]
Sonata in B flat major opus 30, D 617 (1818) [15:12]
Fantasy in F minor opus 103, D 940(1828) [16:56]

Compact Disc (1988): Stradivari Classics [SCD 6037], US
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Record (1983): Jerusalem Records [ATD 8303], Israel

Duo 4: Live 1996
Pianists Bart Berman and Meir Wiesel

Ludwig van Beethoven – Song with Variations, WoO 74 [5:32]
Johannes Brahms – Variations on a theme by Schumann, opus 23 [16:54]
Franz Schubert – Variations on a French Song, D 624 (year) [12:28]
Muzio Clementi – Sonata in F Major, opus 3 no. 1 with a second piano part by Bart Berman (1995) [4:18]
Muzio Clementi – Sonata in F Major, opus 36 no. 4 with a second piano part by Bart Berman (1995) [6:33]
Georges Bizet – from Jeux d’Enfants, opus 22 (8:29)
Arthur Benjamin – Jamaican Rumba for two pianos [1:50]
Johann Sebastian Bach – Chorale from Cantata no. 147 [3:48]

Compact Disc (1996): Private Production through CDI, Karmiel, Israel
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Kibbutz Composers: Piano Music for Two and Four Hands
Duo Beer Sheva: Sara Fuxon and Bart Berman
Solo or with Sara Fuxon (“Duo Beer Sheva”) in bold

Theodor Holdheim – Chaconne (1977) [10:45]
Chaya Arbel – Lament for piano solo (1980) [6:45]
Moshe Gassner – Vision for piano solo (1979) [5:50]
David Ori – 7x7 Bars for two piano four hands (1984) [2:47]
Meir Mindel – Song of Songs (1985) [7:55]
Yehuda Engel – Two Preludes (1969) [5:00]
Arie Rufeisen – Resuscitation (19??) [6:05]
Moshe Kilon – Gossip (19??) [9:25]

Michael Cohen – Collage for piano solo (1984) [6:17]
Shlomo Yoffe – Fantasia (1984) [7:10]

Record (1985): Jerusalem Records [ATD 8509] through Nimbus Records, UK

Compact Disc (1997) with 7x7 Bars for piano four hands and other works: David Ori - Musical Portret. Zikidisc [CD 12], Israel (picture of this album)

Compact Disc (1998) with Lament for piano solo and other works: Chaya Arbel - Works. Private Production, Israel



Frank Martin: Etudes for Two Pianos
Participation with pianist Sara Fuxon (“Duo Beer Sheva”) or trombonist Stewart Taylor in bold

Etudes for two pianos (1957) [17:04]
Clair de Lune for piano (1952) [1:53]
Quatre Sonnets (à Cassandre) tirés des "Amours de Ronsard" [10:50]
Esquisse pour piano [3:31]
Trio sur des mélodies populaires irlandaises (19??) [15:53]
Ballade for trombone and piano (1940) [7:51]
Ouverture and Foxtrot for two pianos (1924) [8:56]

Compact Disc (1991): VDE-Gallo [CD 633], Switzerland
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Gabriel Iranyi: Bird Of Wonder
Participation with pianist Sara Fuxon (“Duo Beer Sheva”) in item in bold

Bird of Wonder for piano (1981) [11:00]
Quator pour Flùtes (1987) [15:48]
Laudae for two pianos (1984) [14:12]
Scroll Fragments I for saxophone solo (1986) [12:15]
Five Haiku for Sextet (1994-1995) [19:44]

Compact Disc (2001): Hungaroton [HCD 32053], Hungary

Rachel Galinne: Uneginotai Nenagen
Participation with pianist Sara Fuxon (“Duo Beer Sheva”) and percussionists Gene Cipriani and Gilad Dobrecki in bold

Uneginotai Nenagen / And We Shall Sing My Songs of Praise [14:02]
Cycles for Symphony Orchestra [15:27]
Trio for cello, viola and piano [12:38]
Schwarze Gesaenge for alto and piano [11:51]
Aphrodite for flute [6:48]
Islossning / Breaking the Bonds of Ice for two pianos and percussion [8:27]

Compact Disc (1999): Israel Music Center [CD 32778], Israel
o      Available from IMC and IMI

Tsippi Fleischer: Israel at 50, A Celebration with Music
Participation with pianist Meir Wiesel (“Duo 4”) in item in bold

Resuscitation five miniatures (1985) for cello solo (1980) [4:49]
Girl-Butterfly-Girl song-cycle (1977) for mezzo-soprano, flute and cello (1996) [10:40]
Ten Fragments for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon (1984) [10:05]
Hexaptychon I-VI six short chamber pieces after Jabra Ibrahim Jabra’s poem ”I’m Sick of You” (1996-1997) [4:11 out of 24:23]
As a Diamond for contralto, baritone, and symphony orchestra (1998) [3:00]
Spielmobil twelve miniatures for organ and harp (1995) [13:08]

Compact Disc (1999): Opus One [CD 175], US

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Chaya Arbel: More Works
Participation in with Yoram Meyouhas in items in bold

§         Piano Sonata nr. 3 for violin-cello and piano

§         Piano Sonata nr. 7 for violin-cello and piano

·         Compact Disc (2003): Israel Composers' League

o        Available from ICL


Meir Mindel: Tamar

Duo Beer Sheva, Tricamera Trio and other artists

Participation with pianist Sara Fuxon (“Duo Beer Sheva”), percussionist Pamela Jones and narrator Zvi Salton in item in bold

§         Tamar

§         Desert Wind

·         Compact Disc (1990): Israel Barzelay Foundation [IBF 1], Israel

o       Available from the composer



Serge Prokofiev: Favorite Orchestral Suites
Participation as celesta player with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor: Edo De Waart in item in bold

The Love For Three Oranges - Symphonic Suite, Op. 33 bis
Romeo and Juliet, Op. 64
Symphony No. 1 In D, Op. 25 'The Classical Symphony'
Lieutenant Kije - Symphonic Suite, Op. 60
Peter And The Wolf, Op. 67
Ala And Lolly - Scythian Suite, Op. 20

Double CD (1994): Philips [442 279], Netherlands.
Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra: Romeo and Juliet. Record (1976): Philips [6500 640], Netherlands

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George Antheil: Ballet Mécanique

Participation with other Holland Festival artists, conductor Reinbert de Leeuw, in item in bold

§         Ballet Mécanique

§         Jazz Symphony

§         Violin Sonatas I-II

·        Record (1977): Telefunken [CJ 642 196], Germany.

·        Record (1977): Harlekijn [2925 524], Netherlands.


Peter Schat: To YouParticipation with other Holland Festival artists, conductor: Peter Schat, in item in bold

To You
Canto General

Record (1974): Donemus [DAVS 7475], Netherlands.

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