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"Though Schubert composed only the first two movements of the massive, disturbing and philosophical Reliquary Sonata (D 840), you’d never know it from Berman’s reading. This is not so much a completion as it is a fulfillment of the composer’s intentions, insofar as it captures and extends the work’s virulent, if truncated syncopes and urgent recitations." American Record Guide


Bart Berman studied composition with Bertus van Lier at the Music Academy of Amsterdam and with Wouter van den Berg, next to his studies in piano performance. Before deciding whether to become primarily a composer or a pianist, Bart Berman composed mostly  chamber music and for theater. These works were performed by the Eindhoven Philips Theater and the string quartet and orchestra of the Amsterdam Academy of Music.

Since performance gained the upper hand, Bart Berman composed mostly for piano. His later works include many originals as well completions, second piano parts, cadenzas and arrangements to existing music. Among the latter Endings to all Schubert's Unfinished Sonatas, Cadenzas for all piano concerti by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven and a Second Piano Part for Six Sonatinas by Clementi. In his later works, Berman combined his composition experience, with his pianistic views and expertise in many styles of classical music. They were performed, published and recorded in the Netherlands, Israel and the US.

As the Music Editor for the Israel Music Institute, and nowadays as an independent, Berman edited music for most Israeli composers. As an editor, he notates with Finale Allegro, sometimes transcribing from sound recordings, writing orchestra and other parts, while making amendments where necessary. In a one-time deviation into the pop/rock world, Bart edited the Second Songbook of Arik Einstein, Israel's most popular singer of all times (to the right a picture of the Hebrew songbook).

Bart Berman's expertise in modern art music performance was rewarded with the 1970 First Prize at the International Gaudeamus Contest for interpreters of contemporary music and a 1990 Honorary Mention for performance and promotion of Israeli music and many excellent reviews.

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