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"Though Schubert composed only the first two movements of the massive, disturbing and philosophical Reliquary Sonata (D 840), you’d never know it from Berman’s reading. This is not so much a completion as it is a fulfillment of the composer’s intentions, insofar as it captures and extends the work’s virulent, if truncated syncopes and urgent recitations." American Record Guide


Three New Canons on the Theme of J.S. Bach: The Musical Offering (1978)

Publication: Journal Mens en Melodie, Nr. 12: Special Christmas supplement, 1978

Premiere : Eric Bermani (organ), Church of St. John the Evangelist, Winthrop, MA, US, 1999


Four Melodies for Piano (1960|1980)

Publication: Israel Music Institute, Tel Aviv (IMI 6301), 1981


Film Music for The Stair Case (1995)

Film: Babette Berman’s project for the Rietveld Academy of Visual Arts, Amsterdam, 1995


Birthday Bunch by Bart (1994)

Unofficial publication: Israel Music Institute, Tel Aviv (IMI 0000), 1994



Cadenzas for all Beethoven piano concerti (1966-1990)

Premiere of the Rondo in B Flat Major with the Cadenzas: Bart Berman and the Israel Sinfonietta, Beer Sheva, 199?

Premiere of the Second Piano Concerto with the Cadenzas: Bart Berman and the Hilversum Radio Symphony Orchestra, 1966


Cadenzas for all Haydn piano concerti (1970-1990)

Premiere of the Piano Concerto in D major with the Cadenzas: Matthijs Verschoor and the Kampen Symphony Orchestra, Kampen, Netherlands, 1998

Premiere of the Concerto in F Major with the Cadenzas: Bart Berman and the Doetinchem Symphony Orchestra, 197?


Cadenzas for all Mozart solo, double and triple piano concerti (1970-1990)


Cadenza for Castiglioni: Arabeschi for flute, piano and orchestra (1974)

Premiere of the Castiglioni Arabeschi with the Cadenza: Bart Berman and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, ICSM World Music Days, Rotterdam, 1974



Endings to Schubert: Unfinished Piano Sonatas (1976-1990)

Double CD with all Sonatas and Endings: Bart Berman, Erasmus, Rotterdam, 1997

Premiere of all Sonatas and Endings: Bart Berman, International Musica Da Camera Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1997

Recording of Sonata D 840 with Endings: Bart Berman, Voice of Music, Israel, 1992


Endings to Mozart: Unfinished Four Hands Piano Sonata K357 (1991)

Recording: Bart Berman and Meir Wiesel (“Duo 4”), Israel Voice of Music, 1998

Premiere: Sara Fuxon and Bart Berman, Bet Daniel, Zichron Ya’akov, Israel, 1991


Short Ending to J.S. Bach: Art of Fugue (1970)

Recording: Bart Berman (piano), Radio VPRO, Hilversum, Netherlands, 1975

Premiere: Bart Berman, chamber concert series, Tel Mond, Israel, 2000


Ending to Beethoven: Romance Cantabile for flute, bassoon, piano and orchestra (19??)



Second Piano Part for Clementi: Six Sonatinas Opus 36 (1996)

CD containing Sonatinas 1 and 4 with the Second part: Duo 4, 1996

Premiere of Sonatinas 1 and 4 with the Second part: Duo 4, Ramat Hasharon, 1995


Right Hand Piano Part for Bach Sonatas in E Minor and E Major (1998)

Premiere: Noam Buchman (flute) and Shalev Ad El (harpsichord), Ein Karem Music Center, Jerusalem, 2000


Second Piano Part for Daniel Steibelt: Sonatina Opus 33 in C (1981)



Edvard, voice and piano arrangement to classical melodies in Dutch (1999)


Easy piano arrangement to Tsippi Fleischer: Hexaptychon 6 (1998)

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